Many people may be confused about what a husband pillow actually is. It does seem to have a confusing name, but it is actually a very common type of cushion that is often used while watching TV or reading. You may even have used one in the past and didn’t realize what type of pillow it was.

What is a Husband Pillow ?

A husband pillow, also commonly known as a reading pillows or bedrest pillows, is a large, tall pillow that has two arm rests on either side. It is often used in the floor to provide a good amount of back support while sitting. These pillows can also be used in bed so that the user may prop themselves up while reading or watching television.

The pillow gets its name because it provides comfort, support and reliability, which are words that are often associated with the term “husband”. Also, the arms will hug you from behind when you use them, the same way that a husband would.

Is it a Reading Pillow or Husband Pillow?

When it comes to what to call these helpful support pillows, most retailers will simply call them reading pillows in order to not generalize them to a particular group or type of customer. Everyone from adult men to small children enjoy using these pillows. They are available in various sizes so that everyone can receive the right amount of comfort.

The Many Versatile Uses of the Husband Pillow

Regardless of what you choose to call them, reading pillows are great accessories to have around the house. Along with reading, they may also be used for playing video games, or for extra support on the couch. Many customers enjoy the convenience that their husband pillow provides. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns which makes it very easy to find one that will coordinate with your home or bedroom décor.

Learn More by Reading Husband Pillow Reviews

In order to find the best pillow for your own personal needs, you may want to read up on husband pillow reviews to find out what others are saying about the latest styles to hit the market. Finding a reading pillow that is as comfortable as it is durable can help you enjoy many more nights of comfort and support while enjoying your favorite book in bed.

The Husband Pillow has been around for years and has been used in libraries, day cares, schools, college dorms, and bedrooms to provide support while reading, watching TV or various other activities. There are hundreds of different styles available, and pillows available in every color or size that you can imagine. You can even find customized bed rest pillows with Shiatsu massage, hypoallergenic filling, or soothing micro-suede material.